The water is a serious place.

A place where the best of days can become the worst of days. Which is why the truly serious know they need equipment that is just as serious as they are. Something durable. Something beautiful. Something fast. Yacht-quality finish with hardcore strength. Because when you’re serious, you need a boat that is up for everything, and ready for anything.

Boat Models

Since the 2006 introduction of the original Invincible 36’, our fleet has grown to nine models ranging from our compact 33’ to the horizon-crossing 46’ Cat, ensuring that no matter who you are and how you fish, there is an Invincible that’s designed exactly for you. All of our models are available with Yamaha or Mercury power, Garmin or Simrad electronics and many other customizable options.


Defined By Our Differences

There are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a boat. But there’s only one of us. Because we’re not just building boats, we’re building Invincible boats: Fishing machines expertly designed with the latest techniques, crafted using the best materials and engineered to meet the demands of serious anglers. In 2006, we didn’t just build a boat, we reimagined an industry from scratch. And we haven’t stopped since.


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