Our goal? To make the finest offshore center-console fishing boats on the water. Invincible has added a new facility in an emerging industrial center—the Yucatán Peninsula, one of the region’s most sought-after fishing destinations. Situated in the state’s capital of Mérida, Mexico, this facility supports the efforts of our main facility in Miami. Together, both facilities collaborate to exceed the industry standard in design, performance and fit & finish, providing our customers with the ultimate fishing machine.

In celebration of our new facility, and to stand by our commitment of improved quality assurance and exceeding industry standards, we’ve strengthened all new Invincible boats with an industry-leading 12-year transferable warranty. This warranty can be transferred once, ensuring that even when you purchase a used Invincible, you’ll receive the same serious protection that the original owner did.

Why the Yucatán Peninsula?

In the heart of the Yucatán Peninsula, a place known for its rich cultural history and some of the world’s finest fishing, you’ll find Invincible’s world-class facility, the Composites Center of Excellence. The largest composites facility in the marine industry, it produces all of Invincible’s fiberglass components with the industry’s most advanced materials, labor and manufacturing processes. This ensures our ability to scale to our demand while enhancing the quality of our composite parts. Our Yucatán facility was strategically placed near the Port of Progreso because of its proximity to South Florida, further streamlining the production process.

Home in Miami

At our home base in Miami, every Invincible is assembled, inspected, sea-trialed, and sent out for delivery. This allows our team to dedicate a greater level of focus to assembly and quality control, ensuring every boat meets the demands of its new owner.