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Confidence born from the commitment to never settle.

After years of traveling and fishing around the world, our founder grew tired of boats that weren’t tough enough, fast enough or smooth enough to meet the demands of a serious angler. So, ignited with a fire for better, he decided to build something that did. From the ground up.

To help him, he sought out the best man for the job, Michael Peters, the renowned naval architect who would design the patented Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT), and he spent the time and money to do it right. It was not easy or inexpensive. But the journey was exactly what he was after, a truly better boat that was purpose-built for him and his needs on the water.

Thankfully, he decided to share.

That was in 2006. It changed the entire center-console boat industry.

And since then, many competitors have started to offer similar hull-designs. But even today, no one offers the legendary ride and athleticism of an Invincible. From the beginning, Invincible has proven that the best products start with the best materials. From the vacuum-bagged infusion to even the diamond-patterned, non-skid deck, every inch of our boats has been thoughtfully sourced and expertly executed. The ergonomics and placement of the small things like the console design and footrest angle are items that make a difference. The lines of sight in the hardtop frame for better navigation and fishability are the things the competition doesn’t think about. From a performance aspect, no boat on the water comes out-of-the-hole smoother or faster and gets on plane quicker.

And then there were catamarans.

When Invincible decided to get into the center console catamaran segment, we did not choose to simply compete, but to revolutionize the category with another game-changing design. Partnering with Morrelli & Melvin, the notable naval architects who are the world’s authority on multihull designs, we started from scratch. Olympians and retired competitive sailors in their own right, their investment in computational fluid dynamics produced Invincible’s patented, hybrid, semi-asymmetrical, multihull design that leads the industry in ride quality, handling and speed. No catamaran executes high speed turns like an Invincible. No other catamaran possesses the seakeeping abilities of an Invincible hull without the aid of trim tabs or ballast tanks. No other catamaran in Invincible’s size range has the fishability of a single-level deck and the ability to gaff fish from the bow.

There are many things to consider when thinking about your next boat. But we believe no other sportfishing boat builder has gone to the lengths we have to consider everything, using the best materials available, with the best-performing design and testing it all relentlessly until it’s just right. The fact is, no one today builds a more athletic fishing machine.

If you own one, you know. If you don’t, one ride on an Invincible will convince you.