Built to be legendary.

It’s the ride the industry is talking about. That’s what we set out to achieve in 2006 and it has reshaped the center-console category. The fastest and flattest-riding hulls in the business must be experienced to truly feel the Invincible difference. Our expert builders use the most current techniques available and the finest materials to build boats that are athletic and stronger than our competitors. Within the parameters of semi-custom, owner-designed boats, we are specialists at ensuring your Invincible is built to our exacting standards, but with your distinct wishes in mind.

See what makes us different

Soaring above the waves, king of all you see.

You are Fregata magnificens.
The Magnificent Frigate.
And the sea is your domain.

You can be found far offshore, soaring for days and nights non-stop, using your seven-foot wingspan to cruise from the wavetops to a half-mile up in the sky, tracking schools of tuna and flying fish for hundreds of miles.

For thousands of years, fishermen knew that finding frigate birds were a sign of good fortune. Christopher Columbus recorded them around the Cape Verde Islands in 1492. Islanders in the South Pacific used them as message carriers on long voyages due to their incredible abilities to navigate home across vast distances. French sailors first called the birds “le frégate” in the 18th century, after the small, fast frigate warships of the era. The Royal Navy referred to them as “Man-o-war” birds. There are five species of frigate birds found around the world. The largest of these is the one seen throughout the tropical waters of Florida and the Caribbean— the Magnificent Frigate.

So when we set out on our mission to build the very best offshore fishing machine ever created, it only seemed natural for us mark everything we make with the Magnificent Frigate, as it embodies all of the qualities an Invincible boat strives to achieve: unmatched intensity and speed while on the hunt, paired with grace and horizon stretching range.

Serious boats for serious adventures.

Since the 2006 introduction of the original Invincible 36’, our fleet has grown to ten models ranging from our compact 33’ to the upcoming horizon-crossing 46’ Catamaran, ensuring that no matter who you are and how you fish, there is an Invincible that’s designed exactly for you. Because when you’re serious, you will accept nothing less than the very best.