“When You’re Serious”: Invincible Launches New Brand Campaign

More than a slogan, “When You’re Serious” sets the tone for what the boating industry and general boating public should expect from the Opa-Locka based manufacturer.

Miami, FL – February 13, 2020

Invincible, the premium saltwater sport fishing and high-performance boat brand, unveils their brand campaign and persona at the 2020 Progressive Miami International Boat Show: “When You’re Serious.” Since joining Invincible in July 2019, CEO John Dorton identified the need to communicate Invincible’s DNA to a wider consumer base as the company expands its distribution channels and market share.

“Our boats are known for their athleticism: their ability to travel to far away fishing grounds at high speeds while keeping every angler on-board comfortable and dry,” Dorton said. “The product has spoken for itself since inception, but this was the right time to share who we are with those who haven’t had the opportunity to ride on one of our boats personally. This branding campaign should explain what we’re all about and who we appeal to.”

“When You’re Serious” serves as the company philosophy and mantra. Invincible is serious about working with the best naval architects in the industry to produce superior designs for both our monohull (Michael Peters Yacht Design) and catamaran (Morrelli & Melvin) product lines. Invincible owners are serious about performance, fishability, range, comfort and storage. Invincible strives to build the ideal boat just for them. That philosophy carries all the way from the front office to the craftsmen on the factory floor.

Additionally, Invincible has also entered the realm of competitive fishing and brand ambassadorship with the signing of Captain JC Cleare and Sarah Melia of Remix Sportfishing. Based out of Prime Marina in Coconut Grove, JC and Sarah are a sailfish power couple. Previous winners of The Quest for the Crest, Sarah is the first female to win “Master Angler” for the series.

Keep an eye out for the “When You’re Serious” campaign featuring Team Remix across digital and print platforms, the Invincible website and social media accounts, as well as around the factory campus.

About Invincible Boats

Since 2006, Invincible boats captivate and enable serious sport fishermen to pursue their trophies with intuitive designs, steadfast construction and exhilarating performance. Invincible seeks to get there faster, fish smarter, and get home safer to share with family and friends.

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